In this area OxyBay Consulting can provide his knowledge to first choose your right CMS, and then to configure and personalize it, in order to get the best.

Content Managment System are very powerfull tools to manage your site content also if you don’t have technical knowledge. There are a lot of CMS available on the internet, some free and some to pay, some good for specific purpose and some good for others. Choose the right one for your needs and configure it to get best performance could not be easy. Sometimes you would also need to customize it the get further functionality.

We have gained a strong know how on the most common CMS available, both easier CMS like Joomla and WordPress or enterprise CMS like Jive Clearspace and Jive SBS.

If a standard CMS is not enough for you, not fitting your needs or with too much features that makes you get lost, we can also develope and provide you a fully customized solution with a CMS built directly for you around your needs.


In this area we can provide:

  • Configuration/customization of most common CMS.
  • Optimization of a CMS installation
  • Development of custom plugins and modules.
  • Your own personal CMS, built around your needs.